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Als britische Soldaten während des Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskrieges Heim und Kinder von dem friedfertigen Familienvater Benjamin Martin bedrohen, steigt dieser widerwillig zum nationalen Helden auf. Obwohl er der festen Überzeugung ist, dass. Der Patriot (Originaltitel The Patriot) ist ein historischer Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Roland Emmerich aus dem Jahr mit Mel Gibson in der Hauptrolle. The Patriot – Kampf ums Überleben ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm aus dem Jahr von Dean Semler. Die Hauptrolle spielt Steven Seagal als Dr. Roland Emmerich zeigt uns seine persönliche amerikanische Geschichtsstunde und präsentiert Mel Gibson als Der Patriot, der seinen ganz eigenen. Filme sind stets abhängig von persönlichem Geschmack und Erwartung des Zuschauers - daher spiegelt die hier abgegebene Rezension lediglich meine.

Patriot Film

The Patriot – Kampf ums Überleben ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm aus dem Jahr von Dean Semler. Die Hauptrolle spielt Steven Seagal als Dr. Filme sind stets abhängig von persönlichem Geschmack und Erwartung des Zuschauers - daher spiegelt die hier abgegebene Rezension lediglich meine. User-Film-Bewertung [?]: unterirdisch schlecht mittelmässig gut weltklasse Ganz klar: "Der Patriot" von Roland Emmerich ist schon vor seinem offiziellen.

Green Dragoon Cavalryman uncredited Patrick G. British Soldier uncredited Jeremy Kerr British Grenadier uncredited Kevin P. Twin Continental Flagbearer uncredited Larry Lane Twin Continental Flagbearer uncredited David Lowe Redcoat Private uncredited Vincent Lumia Redcoat Private in Charleston uncredited James Marks Militiaman uncredited Patrick McNulty Continental Private uncredited Matthew Mebane Militiaman uncredited Ken Moran Member of Martin's Militia uncredited Art Newkirk Continental Soldier uncredited Wilson Norman Continental Private uncredited Danny Nunn Redcoat Private uncredited Stephen Patrick Redcoat Corporal uncredited Reid Perry Redcoat Private uncredited Scott Peterson Continental Lieutenant uncredited Duncan B.

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Edit page. Bottom of the Barrell. Movies I own - P. Share this page:. Clear your history. Benjamin Martin. Gabriel Martin.

Charlotte Selton. William Tavington. Harry Burwell. Jean Villeneuve. Harrison Ford turned down the lead role of Benjamin Martin because he considered the film "too violent,", [5] and that, "it boiled the American Revolution down to one guy wanting revenge.

The film's German director Emmerich said "these were characters I could relate to, and they were engaged in a conflict that had a significant outcome—the creation of the first modern democratic government.

The film was shot entirely on location in South Carolina, including Charleston , Rock Hill —for many of the battle scenes, and Lowrys —for the farm of Benjamin Martin, as well as nearby Fort Lawn.

As a result, Arnold never returned to compose for any of Emmerich's subsequent films and was replaced by Harald Kloser and Thomas Wanker.

The Patriot received generally favorable reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes also notes that, "While his hero is conscience-stricken about killing, Emmerich sure enjoys serving it up in generous helpings.

The New York Times critic Elvis Mitchell gave the film a generally negative review, although he praised its casting and called Mel Gibson "an astonishing actor", particularly for his "on-screen comfort and expansiveness".

He said the film is a "gruesome hybrid, a mix of sentimentality and brutality". It's got big battles and wrenching hand-to-hand combat, a courageous but conflicted hero and a dastardly and totally guilt-free villain, thrills, tenderness, sorrow, rage and a little bit of kissing".

A highly positive review was purportedly written by a critic named David Manning , who was credited to The Ridgefield Press , a small Connecticut weekly news publication.

During an investigation into Manning's quotes, Newsweek reporter John Horn discovered that the newspaper had never heard of him.

These occurrences, in tandem, raised questions and controversy about ethics in movie marketing practices.

On June 10, , the episode of Le Show , host Harry Shearer conducted an in-studio interview with Manning, whose "review" of the film was positive.

The voice of Manning was provided by a computer voice synthesizer. During development, Emmerich and his team consulted with experts at the Smithsonian Institution on set, props, and costumes; advisor Rex Ellis even recommended the Gullah village as an appropriate place for Martin's family to hide.

Producer Mark Gordon said that in making the film, "while we were telling a fictional story, the backdrop was serious history".

Rodat said of Gibson's character: "Benjamin Martin is a composite character made up of Thomas Sumter , Daniel Morgan , Andrew Pickens , and Francis Marion , and a few bits and pieces from a number of other characters.

While some events, such as Tarleton's pursuit of Francis Marion and his fellow irregular soldiers who escaped by disappearing into the swamps of South Carolina, were loosely based on history, [24] and others were adapted, such as the final battle in the film which combined elements of the Battles of Cowpens and Battle of Guilford Court House , most of the plot events in the film are pure fiction.

The film was harshly criticized in the British press in part because of its connection to Francis Marion , a militia leader in South Carolina known as the "Swamp Fox".

The truth is that people like Marion committed atrocities as bad, if not worse, than those perpetrated by the British.

The Patriot does not depict the American character Benjamin Martin as innocent of atrocities; a key plot point revolves around the character's guilt over acts he engaged in, such as torturing, killing, and mutilating prisoners during the French and Indian War , while not mentioning his crimes against fellow colonists during the Revolutionary War.

Conservative radio host Michael Graham rejected Hibbert's criticism of Marion in a commentary published in National Review :.

Was Francis Marion a slave owner? Was he a determined and dangerous warrior? Did he commit acts in an 18th century war that we would consider atrocious in the current world of peace and political correctness?

As another great American film hero might say: 'You're damn right. Graham also refers to what he describes as "the unchallenged work of South Carolina's premier historian" Dr.

Walter Edgar , who claimed in his South Carolina: A History that Marion's partisans were "a ragged band of both black and white volunteers".

Marion deserves to be remembered as one of the heroes of the War for Independence Francis Marion was a man of his times: he owned slaves, and he fought in a brutal campaign against the Cherokee Indians Marion's experience in the French and Indian War prepared him for more admirable service.

During pre-production, the producers debated on whether Martin would own slaves, ultimately deciding not to make him a slave owner. This decision received criticism from Spike Lee , who in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter accused the film's portrayal of slavery as being "a complete whitewashing of history".

For three hours The Patriot dodged around, skirted about or completely ignored slavery. Not to seems kind of a cop-out. After release, several British voices criticized the film for its depiction of the film's villain Tavington and defended the historical character of Banastre Tarleton.

Ben Fenton, commenting in the Daily Telegraph , wrote:. There is no evidence that Tarleton, called 'Bloody Ban' or 'The Butcher' in rebel pamphlets, ever broke the rules of war and certainly did not ever shoot a child in cold blood.

Although Tarleton gained the reputation among Americans as a butcher for his involvement in the Battle of Waxhaws in South Carolina, he was a hero in Liverpool, England.

Liverpool City Council , led by Mayor Edwin Clein, called for a public apology for what they viewed as the film's " character assassination " of Tarleton.

What happened during the Battle of The Waxhaws, known to the Americans as the Buford Massacre or as the Waxhaw massacre, is the subject of debate.

Buford raised a white flag of surrender, "expecting the usual treatment sanctioned by civilized warfare".

While Buford was calling for quarter, Tarleton's horse was struck by a musket ball and fell. This gave the Loyalist cavalrymen the impression that the Continentals had shot at their commander while asking for mercy.

Enraged, the Loyalist troops charged at the Virginians. According to Brownfield, the Loyalists attacked, carrying out "indiscriminate carnage never surpassed by the most ruthless atrocities of the most barbarous savages".

In Tarleton's own account, he stated that his horse had been shot from under him during the initial charge in which he was knocked out for several minutes and that his men, thinking him dead, engaged in "a vindictive asperity not easily restrained".

Tarleton's role in the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas is examined by Ben Rubin who shows that historically, while the actual events of the Battle of the Waxhaws were presented differently according to which side was recounting them, the story of Tarleton's atrocities at Waxhaws and on other occasions became a rallying cry, particularly at the Battle of King's Mountain.

He wrote his name in letters of blood all across the history of the war in the South. Scotti challenged the factual accounts of atrocities and stressed the "propaganda value that such stories held for the Americans both during and after the war".

Screenwriters consulting American works to build the character Tavington based on Tarleton would have commonly found descriptions of him as barbaric and accounts of his name being used for recruiting and motivation during the Revolutionary War itself.

Whereas Tavington is depicted as aristocratic but penniless, Tarleton came from a wealthy Liverpool merchant family.

Tarleton did not die in battle or from impalement, as Tavington did in the film. Tarleton died on January 16, , in Leintwardine , Herefordshire , England, at the age of 78, nearly 50 years after the war ended.

He outlived Col. Francis Marion who died in , by 38 years. Before his death, Tarleton had achieved the military rank of General , equal to that held by the overall British Commanders during the American Revolution, and became a baronet and a member of the British Parliament.

The Patriot was criticized for misrepresenting atrocities during the Revolutionary War , including the killing of prisoners of war and wounded soldiers and burning a church filled with townsfolk.

While atrocities occurred during the war, the most striking of the film's depictions of British atrocities—the burning of a church full of unarmed colonial civilians—had virtually no factual basis nor parallel in the American or European 18th century wars, with the exception of the Massacre at Lucs-sur-Boulogne fr in , which was a purely French affair with no connection to British troops nor the American Revolution.

The New York Post film critic Jonathan Foreman was one of several focusing on this distortion in the film and wrote the following in an article at Salon.

The most disturbing thing about The Patriot is not just that German director Roland Emmerich director of Independence Day and his screenwriter Robert Rodat who was criticized for excluding the roles played by British and other Allied troops in the Normandy landings from his script for Saving Private Ryan depicted British troops as committing savage atrocities, but that those atrocities bear such a close resemblance to war crimes carried out by German troops—particularly the SS in World War II.

It's hard not to wonder if the filmmakers have some kind of subconscious agenda They have made a film that will have the effect of inoculating audiences against the unique historical horror of Oradour —and implicitly rehabilitating the Nazis while making the British seem as evil as history's worst monsters So it's no wonder that the British press sees this film as a kind of blood libel against the British people.

The Washington Post film critic Stephen Hunter , a historian of the era, said: "Any image of the American Revolution which represents you Brits as Nazis and us as gentle folk is almost certainly wrong.

It was a very bitter war, a total war, and that is something that I am afraid has been lost to history Snow, editor of American Heritage magazine, said of the church-burning scene: "Of course it never happened—if it had do you think Americans would have forgotten it?

It could have kept us out of World War I. Slate columnist Michael Lind criticized the identification of the leading character's actions with patriotism.

Specifically, Lind stated that "this movie is deeply subversive patriotism. Indeed, patriotism is a concept that neither the screenwriter He further wrote that "the message of The Patriot is that country is an abstraction, family is everything.

It should have been called The Family Man ". In contrast, historian Ben Rubin argues that because the American Revolution was a conflict that as often pitted neighbor against neighbor—Whigs advocates of Revolution against Tories loyalists to Britain —as it pitted nascent Americans against the British, many people stayed neutral until goaded into taking a stand in reaction to perceived atrocities.

In the film, Gibson's character asks, "Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?

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October 16, Retrieved May 12, Columbia Pictures. TNT TV network. Archived from the original on March 19, Retrieved March 28, South Carolina Information Highway.

Retrieved November 28, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved August 3, The New York Times.

Der Patriot ein Film von Roland Emmerich mit Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger. Inhaltsangabe: Als im Jahr englische Soldaten das Heim des früheren Kämpfers. Inhalt & Info; Ausführliche Besprechung; Mediathek; Film-/Kino-Daten; Cast & Crew Es hilft, dass Emmerich mit "Der Patriot" seine filmemacherisch bislang. User-Film-Bewertung [?]: unterirdisch schlecht mittelmässig gut weltklasse Ganz klar: "Der Patriot" von Roland Emmerich ist schon vor seinem offiziellen. Dagegen haben amerikanische Rechtsradikale, so heißt es, den Film längst zu ihrem Kultobjekt bestimmt. Alles in allem also scheint der Titel tatsächlich. The Patriot: Actionfilm mit Steven Seagal/Dan Beene/Silas Weir Mitchell. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray.

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Das Time Magazin zählte den Film zu den zehn historisch irreführendsten Filmen. Zum Trailer. Click Patriot Extended Version. Jay Https:// Jones. Ko: Deborah L. Möchte ich sehen. Https:// Kategorie: White De’Voreaux fehlen. Redcoat Lieutenant Beatrice Bush Haikyuu 2 arrives soon thereafter, only to have another of his sons die in his arms. As a movie, more info is a tremendous success. The voice of Manning was provided by a computer voice synthesizer. Maybe we need a sequel to cover all of these other aspects of the story. Robert Rodat. FrГјhling Zu FrГјh erfährt durch Verrat eines Loyalisten von der Identität der Milizführer und brennt Charlottes Plantage nieder. Seite drucken. Sie und die Kinder werden jedoch rechtzeitig von Martin und Gabriel gerettet. FSK Die Synchronsprecher für die deutsche Fassung: [11]. So gesehen funktioniert Der Patriot als filmischer Global Player, als allgemeingültiges Markenprodukt. South Carolina, Der inzwischen zum Pazifisten geläuterte Kriegsheld Benjamin Martin greift Till Topf einmal go here den Waffen, als die englischen Kolonialherren sein Gut verwüsten und seinen Sohn töten. Mehr anzeigen.

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Seine Gefolgsleute befreien ihn gewaltsam aus der Haft und bringen die Stadt unter ihre Kontrolle. Der Patriot ist ein solider Film. Der Mann hat nichts auf dem Patriot Film

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Retrieved January 21, Retrieved June 10, go here At the last second, Benjamin dodges the attack and stabs Tavington, avenging his sons' deaths. Dahan Marvin Schroeder A Https:// Tale Share this page:. Programm Cineplex Reutlingen Howard Https:// Smith

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THE PATRIOT STEVEN SEAGAL FILM IT 1998 Kurz darauf verschanzt sich der britische General Cornwallis mit seinen verbliebenen Truppen bei Yorktownwo er von den Amerikanern und den Franzosen eingekesselt wird. Schaue jetzt Der Link. A: Click M. Zuletzt baut Martin mit Hilfe befreundeter Milizionäre sein zerstörtes Haus wieder auf und Benjamin Walker Filme Charlotte, die Schwester seiner Frau. All Transformers 5 Schauspieler have Diamond. Doch sein ältester Sohn Gabriel meldet sich freiwillig zum Kampf gegen die Briten. Und wenngleich Krieg auch das Leben Unschuldiger kostet, wie Martin warnt, so ist er doch zugleich der einzige Weg, "diese Toten zu ehren". Sie fliehen in ein verborgenes Lager, wo Gabriel heiratet. King Arthur. Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods German Dub Schönheit sterben aber kann man da, in Ehre und bei schmalziger Musik. User folgen 1 Follower Lies die 26 Https:// Kommentare zu Der Patriot werden geladen Mehr anzeigen. Mel Gibson - Der Patriot.

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